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About Signature Hearing

Signature Hearing provides premium ear health care in the comfort of your own home or at a centre near you. An independent ear health specialist, who provide home visits across the Dorset and Hampshire area. We are currently using microsuction as this is the gold standard for ear wax removal. Providing wax removal, ear health checks and mould making for ear defenders, swim plugs etc. We are determined to ensure that our patients have a first-class experience from the start, and we are always here to answer all questions. Wax removals are so important as without in can lead to reduced hearing, earache, a full feeling, a ringing sound, itching in your ears, and loss of balance, along with many more issues that may arise.
We recommend that everyone should have an ear health check-up. For us here, at Signature Hearing this includes a thorough examination of your ears and a screening of your hearing at the 4 key points. Ensuring that you are looking after your future ear health.
Here at Signature Hearing, we strive towards providing premium ear health care for everyone.

Our Hearing Aid Dispenser

Hello and welcome to Signature Hearing, my name is Tasmin Richards, I am the owner and founder of this company. I am a qualified Hearing Aid Dispenser and have extended my scope of practice to include wax removal via mircosuction. I have a number of years' experience within the profession and have a background in having a strong relationship with the public. I have first-hand experience of the devastating impact hearing loss can have to a person, as I am a hearing aid user. I feel this allows me to have more empathy for what my patients may be experiencing. Wax removals are so important and can affect anyone at any age, with the procedure needing to be performed but often during working hours or at a location that is inconvenient for the patient. This can lead to limiting the care in which patients can receive as a result. This is why I am predominately providing home visits for my patients, along with day centres, with flexible hours to work around yourselves. I love to combine both aspects of modern technologies without forgetting the past. I am registered with both BSHAA and HCPC, meaning I have governing bodies that have guidance and rules in place. Together let's move into the future, providing everyone with the care in which they deserve, as your hearing is vital for your everyday life.


Tympa Health

Tympa Health is the system we use for all of our patients on every appointment. They provide the first world-class, all-in-one ear health care assessment device. This this device allows our Hearing Aid Dispenser, to see your ears in HD definition. It uses video otoscopy, for all ear wax removals allowing the Hearing Aid Dispenser to see everything. With mircosuction now being the gold standard in ear wax removal. The device also allows for the screening of a patient's hearing, providing a very thorough ear health assessment.

From this system we also have the benefit of being able to refer patients when needed for a review of their images, this is when a second opinion is needed and this may be to an Audiologist or ENT who reviews these. All of the videos and images from your appointment are saved to your patient file, in a secure cloud. A benefit from this at the appointment we can review your previous appointments to see if there have been any changes. It also provides you with incredible before and afters from your wax removal.